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About Our Gym

Lashley Training Center began in 1995 in a 600 square foot section of David Lashley's basement. That's when he started his martial arts journey and wanted to help others do the same. When his son, Ian, was six, he remembers going down to the basement and watching about ten guys repping armbars and grappling. He grew up learning about martial arts and witnessing his father coach and encourage others, so it was just natural that he continue the family business. 

Lashley Training Center is constantly growing and strives to be a one-stop shop to train your body. Here you can train in Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga, boxing, karate, group fitness, one-on-one personal training, virtual personal training, boot camps, and more! We are a family run gym and our members are part of our family. 

"Fitness with a purpose!" - Ian Lashley

Our Vision Statement

Lashley Training Center serves families that want to be their best physically, mentally, & spiritually.

Lashley Training Center does this through disciplined martial arts, functional fitness, and applicable nutrition.

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