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  • What should I wear and bring to my first class?
    Just wear something comfortable that you would normally excercise in. You don't need to bring anything with you besides yourself, ready to take on the world attitude, and a bottle of water. If it's your first martial arts class we will provide everything you need for your first class.
  • Do I need to wear a gi (uniform) to my first martial arts class?
    Absolutely not! We only ask that you dress comfortably. We do have gis that you can purchase should you decide to do so.
  • What's the age to attend classes?
    You can enroll children as young as 3 years old! There is no age limit to classes. We love to see families train and work out together. There are classes for everyone, regardless of your skill level or ability. Check out our schedule to see the age ranges for our classes.
  • Are kids allowed in the gym?
    Absolutely! We are family owned and very family oriented. There are plenty of places for older kids to hang out while adults exercise or attend classes and younger kids can take advantage of our staffed Kid Watch area. We also have free wifi that you are welcome to use for tablets (we know that sometimes kids need a little entertainment). At the training center, kids are welcome to use the mats or MMA cage for free play, as long as there aren't any classes happening. We welcome families working out together, so feel free to invite your kids to work out with you!
  • Do you have a refund policy?
    Lashley Training Center strives to provide the best possible service to our clients. If we do not 100% fulfill our service guarantee, we can refund for services not performed.

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