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February Member of the Month

*February Member Of The Month*Eric Elliot If you’re ever in the gym on a Tuesday or Friday morning around 6:30, you’ll see (and hear) a group of men working out with one of our trainers, Kristine. You’ll see them pushing the sled, doing lunges and burpees, throwing weight overhead or on the floor in the middle of a three-minute plank.

The one you’ll hear over everyone else is Eric Elliot, the one protesting all of her instructions.

He’s also our member of the month for March.

Since August Eric has lost over forty pounds and he gives all the credit to his trainer. “Kristine has motivated me” he says “along with all the guys that I workout with” —those guys being Aaron Chaney, Joe West and Bryce Coffing.

“I’m really just trying to keep up with Bryce.”

Before he started working out with Kristine you could find Eric on the 24/7 side of the gym talking to everyone and occasionally lifting a weight or two.

“She’s given me cardio, which I’ve never had before, and she’s given me accountability.”

It’s not unusual for Eric to stay after class to get some extra lifting in or to see him in here on a Sunday on the elliptical.

The work doesn’t end at the gym though; that’s when it’s just getting started. The seven-year army veteran says the hardest and most stressful work he’s ever done is what is does from 9-5, and that’s being a stay-at-home dad.

“I wouldn’t trade it for anything though, because I get to be there for everything. I don’t miss my kids growing up like some people do.”

The husband and father of three has one son and two girls.

“He loves a challenge” says his trainer Kristine. “He’s a hard worker, he’s dedicated…and he’s a lot of fun to be around.”

The class clown and the star pupil, all wrapped up in one. He fits in perfectly here at Lashley’s.

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