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Going Ham on the Holidays

~ Lashley Training Center ~

By Sarah Elise

So you just snapped out of your candy coma - induced by the copious amounts of Halloween sweets you consumed last month, and now it’s time to go ham on the holidays. Put on the stretchy pants, Turkey day is first. All the fixins’, all the tasty treats you crave all year long, and those pies!!! But you’re not done yet. Once you’ve crushed the Thanksgiving leftovers, it’s the ‘Most Wonderful Time of the Year’… time to make and bake Christmas cookies!! And don’t try to sugarcoat it, you know you’re dippin’ in for a bit of batter before and a warm morsel after (gotta make sure they’re edible! :)) Oh, and good luck storing those bad boys in the fridge ‘til Santa and all of your family and guests arrive. Then comes the holiday parties with all the delectable bites, the plethora of liquid spirits, and again … the copious amounts of sweets.

Sound familiar? Relatable in the least?

It’s the holiday trap … the time of year we convince ourselves that it’s perfectly fine to break our game plan, overindulge on all of the things and tell ourselves, “You deserved this, there’s always next year.”

But why are we such gluttons for punishment? Why do we set ourselves up like this - giving ourselves more of a feat to accomplish, simply for that instant gratification? Because it’s easy as apple pie - when it’s staring you in the eye. That’s why.

So here’s a thought...why not - this year… break the cycle! Following a few simple holiday tips, you can save yourself from having to start all over with fickle New Year’s Resolutions, just by staying consistent!

Be Active

Whether you’re in the gym hitting the weights, doing your morning yoga routine, or simply destroying upper body with all the shopping bags farmer’s carries, the key is to keep it moving! When we allow ourselves to become sedentary, that comfortable feeling spreads; and before long, the couch will be calling, the TV playing all of your favorite sports and movies, and just like that - a chronic napper is born. Forcing yourself to be active throughout the two months of holiday chaos doesn’t mean being a chauffeur, chef, and shopper. Sure - those come with the responsibility of adulting; but, being active means slicing a piece of your daily pie strictly for yourself. Bundle up and take a brisk sunrise stroll to get some miles in before the madness begins; challenge yourself to burn some extra calories at LTC’s Thanksgiving Day Boot Camp; suggest a post-Turkey meal backyard game of touch football or a nature walk to entertain the littles. Whatever the activity, give your heart a workout before your belly. It’ll make that second piece of pie and nap by the fire feel all the more earned and worth it.

Easy on the Portions

Speaking of seconds… easy on the plates killer. Holiday meals, like life, are a marathon, not a sprint. Why do you think the majority of folks eat Thanksgiving dinner at lunchtime? Feeling satiated can affect how much and how often you eat. So, instead of overloading your plate with all of the things, try eating smaller portions. This can curb your cravings and help reduce your overall caloric intake. Eating smaller portions also allows your body to use the food you eat immediately for energy, instead of storing excess as fat.

Limit the Sugar

With sugar being a natural or processed component in almost everything we consume, comparable in addictive properties to cocaine, and as enjoyable to the human brain as any other dopamine rush, it is nearly impossible to cut it completely out of our lives. We can, however, consciously limit our intake. If you’re putting the work in at the gym, you owe it to yourself to follow through in the kitchen. Knowing that sugar is the root cause of belly (and excess) fat, and you’re trying to make gains physically, practice self discipline over the holidays by not overindulging on all of the sweets.


There’s no guarantee Santa’s going to bless you with a smaller waistline, should you commit to these tips. However, Lashley Training Center DOES have some incredible Black Friday specials - bulk memberships, personal training packages, martial arts programs - guaranteed to give you or your loved ones a trimmer waist, friendly faces, a safe space, and an awesome place to make personal gains!

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