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Lashley Fam - Featured Staff: Kristine Blayney

~ Lashley Training Center ~

By Sarah Elise

“Decide … Commit … Succeed!”

A pretty simplistic yet proven to be successful methodology when it pertains to the world of fitness, health and wellness, and the mindset developed by Lashley Training Center’s Featured Staff of the Month, Kristine Blayney.

Kristine, known to friends and family as Krissy, joined the LTC family in March of 2021 as a Certified Personal Trainer and Bootcamp Instructor. Though she’s spent six years in a CPT position, she wasn’t always chasing that dream. Waiting tables, mixing cocktails, selling homes, and assisting in surgeries are among the many ways she earned a living before training clients. It was during her time as a certified surgical technologist and witnessing the devastating effects of an unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle that led her to go back to school for personal training and pursue her passion for fitness. Despite the many degrees and certificates, Real Estate from Hondros College and an Associates Degree in Surgical Technology from C.O.T.C, it is her Diploma in Personal Fitness Training from Heritage College that has impacted her life the most. Of all her occupations, transforming people’s lives, both mentally and physically, gives her the most joy and satisfaction.

When she’s not changing and saving lives in the gym, Kristine enjoys sailing open water aboard cruise ships, attending concerts and music festivals, hiking in the great outdoors, and spending quality time with her two daughters and her two cats - Gary and Ruby.

Kristine values people’s lives and is inspired daily by those who have overcome obstacles to get to where they want to be. She strives to make a difference in her clients’ health by preventing further and reversing existing issues.

But why take it from me, when you can hear it straight from the source? A few of Kristine’s clients shared testimonies of their own regarding the impact she’s had on their lives:

My journey began with a dare - a double dog dare. My daughter double dog

dared me to get back into the gym. It had been nearly a decade. Intimidated but never one to turn down a dare, I contacted Lashley Training Center. From the first moment of contact, everyone eased my anxiety. I was then matched with Kristine as my personal trainer. The title does absolutely no justice for who she is and what she does. She is my motivation, confidence, therapist, as well as my trainer. Kristine has made coming to the gym something I look forward to and many nights just NEED. I am confident that with Kristine leading me, that I am a better person physically, mentally and emotionally.

—Alesia Schaaf


I’ve been out of the gym for some time now and being back at it with Kristine has been GREAT. At first I had concerns, for I’d be with a new trainer … and a female. After starting my fifth week back now, I have zero hesitations or concerns. Kristine has me starting off right by reintroducing my body to training with full body workouts that leave my entire body worked and sore. Every session Kristine has pushed me to do more, increase in weight, and I leave the gym feeling accomplished with her help and guidance. I look forward to training and learning everything I can from my time with Kristine.

—Aaron Chaney


I have a lifetime of battling my weight, and I’m now 59 years old. But waiting longer than I should have for a hip replacement, COVID, and six months supporting my husband through a critical health crisis pushed me to the edge. I had not been to a gym before. Thanksgiving 2020, my weight hit an all-time high and I wanted to do something about it. So, I spent the next eight months working on my nutrition and swimming laps. But, only losing 30 pounds, I needed more. So… I started personal, one-on-one training at the Lashley Training Center with Kristine in August, and I could not be happier with my results. Down another 60 pounds, I am starting to meet some of the goals I had set for myself. I can walk from my car to my office without stopping now. I can walk a mile with my husband and dog. My arms and shoulders are stronger. And yesterday, I climbed all 245 steps to the top of the Rastin observation tower! Kristine started me out slow and steady and when I had days when my body was simply tired, she encouraged me to listen to that, and sleep / rest. When my bad knees hurt, she found exercises to give them a rest that day. Kristine has been a good fit for me. She encourages me and celebrates my successes with me. She reminds me of how far I have come. I am a work in progress and using the workout training available at Lashley’s has kept me moving forward!

—Joann Kaufman


Kristine advises the unmotivated to continue to try any and all workouts, classes, and activities until you find one that is challenging and fun enough to stick with … or … hire a trainer to help kickstart your journey, reach your goals, and keep you accountable and motivated!

Her kindness and compassion and her selfless determination to make a difference in the lives around her are among her many strengths. And today, we not only commend Kristine on her remarkable role at Lashley Training Center, but we also celebrate her life, as this beautiful blonde bombshell blew out some birthday candles today!!

Happy Birthday, Kristine!!!! May you continue to Be Your Own Hero, and inspire the lives of others.


If you or someone you know might be interested in personal training with Kristine, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at: or 740-398-7410

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