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Lashley Training Center’s Member of the Month - August <~ Lisa Barron ~>

~ Lashley Training Center ~

By Matthew Gottermeyer

There’s been a seismic shift at Lashley Training Center. Per co-owner Ian Lashley, the crown of the gyms “Most Disciplined / Hardest Worker” now sits upon the head of Miss Lisa Barron. When asked how it feels to strip that title away from me, tearing my heart out in the process, Lisa said, “I’m ecstatic.” Not always one for words, August’s member of the month lets her work do the talking. In the gym at 5 am seven days a week to lift, Bootcamp on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Cardio Drumming on Saturday mornings and a three mile walk to end every day, it’s hard to argue that she is undeserving of the epithet. I sat down with Miss Barron to find out how she got here.

MG: How did you get started at Lashley’s?

LB: Cardio drumming. I’m friends with Angie Lang and she talked me into giving it a try.

After learning that she left her previous gym to become a full time member at Lashley’s, I asked her what the difference was…

“More equipment. The availability of said equipment. A lot more class options and times throughout the day. A lot of different personalities to work with.”

MG: … and what’s the biggest change you’ve noticed in yourself?

LB: This is the first time I’ve ever lifted on my own. I’ve always worked out with a trainer or a friend. It’s made me a lot more confident. I feel stronger, more independent. I feel like a weight lifter now, and even though the number on the scale hasn’t changed much, my clothes fit differently.

Along with her use of the open gym and her bootcamp membership, Lisa has taken a few Krav classes and attended the women’s self defense seminar earlier this summer.

LB: That’s just something that you’re not going to get anywhere else around here, and something that I’m glad I’ve taken advantage of. I just got my CCW last year and learning some hand-to-hand seemed like the next logical step.

MG: So you’re in here every day at five a.m.? You don’t miss days? You have no rest days? Sometimes you’re in here twice a day? Tell everybody about that.

LB: It’s just part of my everyday routine, along with the way I eat and the supplements I take. Just like reading the Bible and praying is a part of my everyday life. I still go to bootcamps because that’s what I’ve always been part of group fitness and I walk to get outside…(she works from home.)…it’s not only about how I feel physically, it’s good for me mentally as well.

Outside of the gym, Lisa enjoys cooking, gardening, hiking and reading. Par for the course for any geriatric.

She’s been with Progressive Insurance for twenty-six years, currently working claims in the cargo department.

MG: So, do you know Flo personally?

LB: Sadly I do not…but I do have one of her bobble heads.

MG: Is there anything else you want us to know about you or your family?

LB: ummm…I got two slacker kids and a black cat named Midnight.

Lisa says it’s a great honor to share member of the month status with past winners and the whole experience has been very humbling.

LB: I’m very excited to get my free t shirt!

MG: Ok, I think that does it, I just have one last question …

LB: What’s that?

MG: Can I have my title back as “Most Disciplined” person in the gym?

LB: No, I like it. I’m keeping it.

Congratulations to our August Member of the Month: Lisa Barron!

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