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Lashley Training Center’s Member of the Month - JANUARY<~ JAMIE MORMAN ~>


I know Jaime Morman as the only barber that ever gave me a straight razor fade. You may know her as the woman who’s in the gym every morning working out by herself. What started out as rehab with a physical therapist for an IT band has turned into a new passion for the owner of Classic Family Barbershop. After coming to the Lashley Training Center Grand Opening last year with Aaron Chaney, a past Member Of The Month, she bought a membership and hasn’t looked back since. She has lost forty pounds, gained muscle tone and feels healthier and happier than she ever has.

“I like that Lashley’s put an emphasis on weight lifting over cardio” she says when comparing us to other local gyms. “It’s not a gym that’s just loaded with cardio equipment. And the whole gym is at your disposal as far as the 24/7 access is concerned. I can still use the sauna if I’m in here during off hours.” When asked how she lost all the weight and added what she calls her “baby muscles” she of course mentions the lifting, but she also talks about what she puts into her body. “I’m eating high protein and low carbohydrate. That’s probably what’s most important to me, learning how to eat naturally and being a healthier person overall. The weight loss is nice. The fact that the kids ask me to open the pickle jar now and I can do it on my own, and I can carry a fifty pound of dog food over my shoulder, that’s cool, but it’s all about being healthy for me.”

The single mother of three daughters (21, 18 and 14) who loves being outdoors to hike and kayak says she enjoys working out in the mornings because of the friendliness of the other members. She says there’s nothing to be afraid of when coming to this gym. “Start slow, find something you like doing and keep showing up. You will find that people are supportive here, not scary.” Her optimism, the ever present smile on her face and the dedication to her pursuit of wellness is what makes Jaime our Member Of The Month for January. Stop in and see her at the gym or at the barber shop for Knox County’s best fade.

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