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Lashley Training Center’s Member of the Month - September<~ Steve Jefferson ~>

~ Lashley Training Center ~

By Sarah Elise + Matthew Gottermeyer

Though fairly new to the Lashley facility, September Member of the Month is a familiar face around town. In fact, just weeks after he established himself as a Lashley member, it was evident that he was a fan favorite among the twenty-somethings who frequent the gym. Turns out, our Member of the Month - Steve Jefferson - was formerly a well-respected Engineering and Drafting teacher at Knox County Career Center from 1995 - 2013.

Known as fun and laid back, Steve is still as popular in the gym as he was in the classroom, and after just one conversation with him, it’s no surprise why everyone loves him. His calm, cool, collective demeanor and friendly nature make for a pleasant break to a workout. “People ask me what the big deal is about teaching. They don’t get it. Well I can tell you it certainly wasn’t about the paycheck,” he said with a chuckle. “It’s about the kids. You gotta love the kids, man. The kids are the ones who welcomed me in this community and the kids are the ones who made me love my job.” He noted that to this day the greatest reward is running into former students (around town or in the gym) and being thanked for the impact or influence he made in their lives. “Most of them didn’t even pursue engineering, they took a different path, but they still thank me.”

With an Ohio State University certification and a passion for teaching drafting, it was the real conversations about life with students that he enjoyed most. The former Naval officer and Vietnam Veteran has much to offer any interested listener and when asked what he likes most about Lashley’s, he said, “The people are very nice, both the staff and the other members. They have a variety of equipment. It’s clean, it doesn’t smell like a gym. The hours, the way it’s arranged…it has a flow to it. I like the atmosphere here.” And the results? “I feel better. I sleep better. I wake up ready to go. I’m eating better. I’ve built up my endurance. I’ve kept my tone. I’m in better health and I have a better attitude.”

You can catch Steve in the gym seven days a week during his mid-day grind…. and you can also see him in the upcoming production of Misery, by Stephen King. Mr Jefferson has worked in community theater with MTV Arts in retirement, both on and back stage. For Misery, he’ll be delivering his lines table side at The Alcove, where you can enjoy dinner and the play in October.

From all of us at Lashley Training Center, we thank you - Steve - for your service and

your dedication to our gym! Congratulations on being chosen as our September

Member of the Month.

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