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Lashley Training Center’s Members of the Month - April <~ Gregory + Mindy von Freymann ~>

~ Lashley Training Center ~

By Sarah Elise

His right hook packs a punch, and her smile lights up a room… and in each other - they found their SWOL-MATE. Their long time loyalty and enthusiasm for life and lifting have deemed Greg and Mindy von Freymann worthy of Lashley Training Center’s Members of the Month of April!

. . .

Eight hundred miles away, born and raised in Marshfield, Massachusetts, Greg enlisted in the United States Air Force shortly after graduating high school in 1986. After spending the next five and a half years as a Civil Engineer and serving two tours in Iraq (‘86, ‘92), he eventually found a home in Mount Vernon, Ohio, where his family relocated. Formerly a football and rugby player, Greg’s solid frame and hard hitting nature serves him well in his current occupation. Kenyon students have kept peace by day and slept soundly at night for the past 26 years thanks in part to his services as Safety and Security Supervisor.

Considered a “Wild Nerd” by her classmates growing up, Mindy, a Mount Vernon native and ‘93 Yellow Jacket graduate furthered her education at Mount Vernon Nazarene University acquiring both a Bachelors (‘00) and Masters (‘04) degree. Overall, she has given over 17 years to the public school systems, serving as a Social Studies Teacher, an Intervention Specialist, and substitute around the county. When she’s not inspiring the youth, one might find her planting flowers, nose deep in a good book, or showing up in the nick of time to show out for Lashley bootcamps.

Through mutual friends, Greg and Mindy were

acquainted in ‘96 upon him moving to the Buckeye State. Though both were spoken for at the time, their energy was unmatched, and their friendship blossomed into romance in ‘03. Two years later, Greg popped the question and they’ve been on the ride of their lives ever since. Today - their family is grown and flourishing with three children of their own, Ashley (34), Zach (28), and Brennen (21 on Cinco de Mayo!), along with two beautiful grandchildren, Brooklyn and Winston. Rex, their yellow lab, minds the ten chickens and two ducks on the Hall farm where they currently reside while they pick the perfect piece of land to build their dream home together.

Almost twenty years altogether, Greg and Mindy vow that finding in each other a best friend is what makes a marriage last. They refuse to allow others to interfere in their relationship, and always do the important things together. Whether it’s joy riding their golf cart around the beaten tracks of their land or Mindy willingly enduring one of Greg’s many grueling workouts, they’ve continued to build one another up and weather life’s storms. Among their many travels <Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Mexico, North and South Carolina, California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Las Vegas a dozen times> their favorite destination still remains their trip to Austria in 2012. For three weeks, they explored Salzburg, toured castles and checked out Neuschwantstein, Hohenwerfen, and Hellbrunn. (Fun to say aloud!) After spending a few days at Lakes Koingssee and Wolfgangse, they ventured to Mirabel Gardens and Berchtesgaden. Enjoying coffee and beer in the Alps and experiencing the salt mines in Hallstatt were two of their travel highlights. Though Austria will be difficult to top, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, and Greece are all on their radar and equally impressive future desired vacation destinations.

Over a decade spent between whichever walls were called L.T.C. at the time, Greg has been consistent and disciplined in his training regimen with a daily mantra of, “Try, and then try harder.” Whether it’s crushing weights in the gym or mastering self defense tactics in Krav Maga, his friendly face has been spotted stealing kisses from his Mrs. mid-bootcamp en route to his own class. Mindy, on the other hand, began her focused fitness journey with Lashley's a few years later in 2013 when she personally trained with Troy Butts, Shelby Mickley, and Kristine Blayney. Currently, she’s signed a lifelong PT contract with her husband, killed it at bootcamps, and has flipped more tires than she’d like. Both Greg and Mindy inspire each other and share a similar zeal for an active lifestyle. They strive to stay fit, strong and healthy; and reversing the aging process is an added bonus, Greg noted. The family-friendly atmosphere, non-judgmental people, exceptional and motivational trainers who make working out enjoyable, and the variety of classes offered were key factors in choosing Lashley's.

Spend a moment with these two and you’re guaranteed a smile or laugh in under five minutes or your money back. We love their energy, their sarcasm and humor, their commitment to one another, their family, their community, and this gym. 19 years and counting, the adage stays true:

Couples who train together - remain together.

Congratulations to our Lashley Training Center Members of the Month of April -

Gregory and Mindy von Freymann!!

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