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Lashley Training Center’s Members of the Month - DECEMBER<~ THE LOY FAMILY ~>

~ Lashley Training Center ~


When Lashley Training Center hosted it’s first power lifting meet, Dylan Loy was there. Not only was he there, he won his weight class in a clean sweep, winning dead lift, bench press and overall combined weight.

Dylan, 28, doesn’t call himself a power lifter though. “I’m just a weight lifter” he says “When I was younger I was just a skinny kid that was into skate boarding and roller blading.” Dylan, who used to weigh 140 (in 2017) now weighs 168 and has his sights set on a 500 pound deadlift in 2023.

His wife, Brittany, has lost 20 pounds since they started working out at Lashley’s. “We love the family environment. We love that it’s kid friendly” she says. Dylan adds “We’ll come in on a Sunday and I’ll set up a circuit for the kids and they really love it too.” Dylan, who works at AMG, and Brittany, who’s a teachers aid for Fredericktown schools, make their trips to the gym a family event. If the kids aren’t working out their doing their homework, or in Bentley’s case, studying his playbook for football. “I coach his baseball and football teams, and Brittany coaches cheerleading in Fredericktown.” As a family, if they’re not at the gym, they’re all together at a football, basketball or baseball game or at one of Isabella’s gymnastics meets. “Everything we do, we do as a family.

Another reason why we love it here is because the members and staff are friendly and accommodating to us. If the kids want to go into the child care they can, but if they just want to hang out on the couch up front that’s cool too.”

Mom and dad both think it’s important that they set a good example for their kids and they’re proud that they see their parents live a healthy lifestyle. That’s why the Loy family are Lashley’s family of the month for December. If you don’t know them there’s no doubt you’ve seen them, on the 24/7 side or on the bootcamp side, at 6:00am or 5:00 pm, every day of the week, kids in tow. Working hard, helping other people, talking to everyone…taking home gold medals.

“Everybody has to start somewhere. Don’t compare yourself now to somebody else that’s been at this for a while. Just keep showing up.” Not bad advice for people going into the new year. Thank you Loy family for setting a good example for all our members and thanks for your commitment to our community.

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