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Lashley Training Center’s ‘MemberS of the Month’ - February<~ The Ferenbaugh Fam ~>

~ Lashley Training Center ~

By Sarah Elise

What do matching pajamas, Yum Boxes + Lashley Training Center all have in common??

The Ferenbaugh Family Favorites!!!

If you haven’t yet, you’re bound to see this trio rolling through the gym, grappling on the mats, or getting after it at the 24/7 spot. Or, maybe you’ve caught Josh in painful wrist locks and submissions in his many Instagram cameos with one of our Veteran Black Belts, Dave Lashley. Their love for the gym and Lashley’s mission statement, their commitment to the martial arts program and respect for the mats and fellow peers, and their friendly, helpful nature makes them a perfect family recipient of our February Members of the Month!

Josh (33), Kristina (34), and Allison (13) aka “Alli” Ferenbaugh have been Lashley members for about 16 months altogether. Though Josh has been around the longest, taking Krav Maga and just recently earning his Blue belt in the Jiu Jitsu program, Alli is following dad’s lead with her solid Grey belt, her second Family Fight Night competition in the books, and gains strength and agility in our Youth Athlete Strength and Conditioning class. Lashley Training Center has become a second home to the Ferenbaughs, be it the people, the programs, or the core values instilled, L.T.C. is family.

Outside of the gym, Josh handles business as a Parts Manager at a car dealership, Kristina manages money at Park National Bank, and Alli is crushing seventh grade at Fredericktown Middle School, where she also runs cross country. The Ferenbaughs are Ohio natives, and this small town just so happens to be the location for this family’s beginning as well, for Josh and Kristina were Fredericktown Middle School Sweethearts, ‘06 graduates, and partners in life for twelve years and counting.

Josh, Kristina, and Alli, all naturalists, enjoy traveling, hiking, and exploring nature together, with Mohican, Hocking Hills, Put-in-Bay, and Ocean City being some of their favorite destinations and Iceland in their distant future. In his spare time Josh hunts waterfowl and loves to cook - an onion gravy burger voted one of his signature dishes. Kristina passes time reading and dreaming of one day visiting the Louvre, so you might find her and Alli painting landscapes and abstract prints. When they’re not rocking out to Slayer, together they’ve created a unique family tradition by participating in a Yum box subscription. Each month, a new box arrives themed specifically around a different country with various snacks and treats typically eaten in that culture. In their matching pajamas, with their boxer-mix Zero and cat Buu, the Ferenbaugh fam enjoys watching Southpark while refining their snack palates from around the world, a fun family bonding experience!

It’s plain to see, it was NOT Josh’s funky independently moving eye talent that earned the Ferenbaughs this prestigious award… but, it was in fact Josh’s work ethic, admired by not just his wife and daughter, but by all of us at Lashley’s who have the honor of interacting with him and his family. Funny, caring, helpful, committed, consistent and determined are just a few reasons why the Ferenbaugh fam is most deserving of this February’s MemberS of the Month!

Congrats to the Ferenbaughs!

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