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Lashley Training Center’s Members of the Month - March <~ Billie + Lori Graham ~>

~ Lashley Training Center ~

By Sarah Elise

It’s 2:15 in the morning . . . what are you doing with your life?

I’d bet the good majority of us are battling our subconscious deep in a dream-like REM state. I’d go a step further and bet that those who aren’t fast asleep - most definitely are NOT beating their alarm to hit the gym at 3:30 am.

Getting a grind in before a demanding work schedule - while everyone else is fast asleep - isn’t the sole reason for this member of the month selection. Consistent, inspirational, dedicated, and helpful, any gym would be lucky to have members like Billie and Lori Graham.

. . .

An only child growing up in and graduating from Mount Vernon, Billie had somewhat of a reckless lifestyle before finding love in Lori on the front porch of a mutual friend in 2012. Despite a three year acquaintance phase, they didn’t take long to make things official, marrying within that same year. Enduring rough pasts, perseverance was key, and grit and grace gave them a new life, one filled with routine, purpose, and each other. Nine years and counting, their beautiful blended family - daughter Morgan, and Lori’s son - Tyler, and daughter - Kelsey, along with three-year-old granddaughter Eternity, gather together on Wednesday evenings for a family dinner tradition.

Billie and Lori lead a quiet life, one grounded in loyalty, love, and discipline. A veteran now at JP Morgan & Chase, Billie has gained seniority after devoting 12 years to their Fraud Department. Before she discovered her calling as an insurance agent, Lori spent a few years working in Retail Management at Rue 21 and Kmart. When they aren’t grinding at the gym or work, Billie and Lori enjoy riding their Harley - Mohican being a favorite landscape, and traveling - Destin, Florida, being one of their most frequented vacation spots. A short plane ride to the Maldives is on Lori’s bucket list, while Billie dreams of one day riding his Harley out west, hitting Montana and Arizona among others.

Although their taste in music differs slightly, their drive and determination, their love for one another, and their “why” is similar and simple. Be the best version of themselves they can be - for the most important people in their lives: their legacy - their children. Lashley Training Center has become the Grahams’ gym haven over the past three years, with Billie being an “Old School Member” of the original Main Street gym. Although he dabbled in boxing and MMA training briefly, Billie got his roots planted with Certified Trainer Adam Taylor, who helped him achieve necessary goals after a serious health feat.

Weighing in at 365 pounds, Billie underwent Gastric Bypass surgery over half his life ago. After dropping 150-60 pounds on his own, he teamed up with Adam to continue shredding and gain muscle mass. This incredibly inspirational change in mind, body, and spirit Billie attributes to the birth of his daughter Morgan, wanting more than anything to make her proud and be an active participant in her life. Now, you can find them both throwing weight around well before the sun comes up.

At 39 and 50 years young, Billie and Lori are just getting started. They’ve lived through the rough to get to the best and are living, breathing prime examples of what hard work and determination look like.

It’s easy to sleep in.

It’s easy to be fickle and uncommitted.

In fact, society makes it EXTREMELY easy to be lazy and unhealthy… but STOP BUYIN’ WHAT THEY’RE SELLIN’!!!

Instead - straight from the mouth of our March Member of the Month, “Even though the gym can be intimidating, no one is paying attention to you. Get up. And start somewhere.”

Congratulations to Billie and Lori Graham - our Lashley Training Center March Members of the Month!

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