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~ Lashley Training Center ~

By Sarah Elise

If you’ve never… you totally should.

That applies to most things in life, right? Trying something new - at least once. In this case, I’m referring to the brand new - top of the line Good Health Infrared Saunas at the Lashley 24/7 gym. Each locker room is now equipped with a Full-Spectrum Infrared light, aesthetically pleasing Canadian wood design with a low EMF carbon and ceramic heater, high-tech sound system with bluetooth compatibility, and a 6 setting Chromotherapy lighting system.

  • Just finished up an intense workout??

  • Stressed or anxious??

  • Poor circulation??

  • Looking for another way to get a good sweat??

The Infrared Sauna tackles all of these and more. For years, people have been utilizing the traditional rock saunas and steam rooms for the bountiful benefits they offer, but new technology featured in these Good Health Saunas are even more beneficial than ever before. Rather than heating the air like traditional saunas, infrared lamps (that use electromagnetic radiation) warm your body directly, allowing you to experience a more intense sweat at a lower temperature (100-167 max degrees) for a longer period of time due to the more tolerable environment.

Regular Infrared sauna use isn’t just about the sweat though. It has been proven to increase the body’s circulation and diminish the risk of cardiovascular disease, while flushing toxins, relieving stress and anxiety, and aiding in weight loss. And now, with advanced Chromotherapy, there are even more benefits to take a seat and relax your feet.


Naturally, heat increases your heartbeat, widening your blood vessels, which promotes healthy blood circulation throughout the entire body. The cells in and around the heart can better function with increased blood flow. This in turn helps with various other health issues like muscle aches and pains, joint mobility, and arthritis. Regular sauna use has even been linked to preventing cardiovascular and other coronary artery diseases. So, athletes, fit enthusiasts, injured and elderly can all benefit from a sauna session.


Whether you’re physically consuming them or absorbing them through your skin, your body is constantly taking in toxins from the environment; it’s an inevitable part of daily living. And now more than ever - with pesky viruses lingering about - it’s extremely important to flush our systems regularly. When our sedentary jobs and daily tasks aren’t naturally creating enough of a sweat to rid our bodies of these environmental elements like arsenic, lead, and cadmium (to name a few) that sit deep within our skin, why not look to a safe and easy way to counteract the effects of these elements in our bodies - an infrared sauna flush?


What’s more relaxing than a solid 20-40 minutes of straight “you” time? Time to unplug…unwind…disconnect. Meditate, if you wish. Zone out to your favorite relaxation playlist through the bluetooth surround sound system. Whatever you decide, you’ve already committed to an extension of your fitness journey that allows you to release additional endorphins post-workout. Those feel good chemicals promote relaxation, happiness, and sounder sleep.


While no sauna use can replace a vigorous exercise regimen, it is a great supplement to any existing fitness program. Spending just 20 minutes in a sauna after you’ve finished your workout can help boost the body’s metabolism and burn a few extra hundred calories long after your last lunge.


Color Therapy, an alternative holistic health approach that has been around for decades, is used to alter moods and essentially improve one’s health. Because light is such an integral part of our daily lives and can even act as a mood trigger, each Good Health Infrared Sauna has six different colored light settings to create positive mental clarity and bodily change. So, whether you’re battling Seasonal Depression Disorder or struggling with insomnia, Chromotherapy saunas can ease anxiety, boost energy levels, improve moods and sleep patterns.

So… what are you waiting for? Pop in for a sauna session next time you’re in the gym and experience the benefits first hand!




  • Brings warmth, energy + stimulation

  • Good for energy, fatigue, colds, chilly + passive people

  • Energizes heart + blood circulation, all organs + the senses


  • Increases neuromuscular tone

  • Purifies blood, helps digestion + has a cleansing effect

  • Strongly stimulates happiness

  • Brings on a sense of security, as well as a strong feeling of well-being


  • Cooling, sedating color

  • Helps reduce swelling of joints + tissues

  • Calms the body’s nervous system


  • Increases intuition + sensitivity

  • Mentally relaxes + tackles embodied psychological barriers

  • Acts as a tonifier + can help regulate imbalances in the lung + large intestines system

  • Facilitates spiritual growth


  • Cool, calming color

  • Stimulates the parasympathetic system

  • Reduces blood pressure + calms both breathing + heart-rate

  • Helps treat sleep disorders + headaches


  • Promotes awareness + consciousness

  • Increases the effects of medication

  • Promotes proper functioning of the lymphatic system + helpful with menopause

  • Color for neutralizing emotional wounds + spiritual growth

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