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Vegetables First! Sugar Second?

Smack! Smack! Smack! Thigh Master 1000 goes to work as you finish your coffee with butter, strawberry jam, and some weird green powder that smells like mothballs and tastes the equivalent. Your new routine just came from the hottest fitness magazine. Does this sound familiar to you, or have you seen this in your friends and family over the years? I'm going to take a wild guess and say yes.

People always want to chase the easiest way to lose those five pounds in 7 days with fad diets. It always starts excellent, right? For the first couple of weeks or even days, you're feeling great and making progress, but it's just not sustainable. Between work, eating 27 meals a day, your family doesn't want to drink or eat your weird concoctions, or all of a sudden, you start feeling like you've been stranded on an island for 99 days with no food comes to the forefront. This description is about 99% of America trying to get themselves and their families healthy. If that doesn't work, people turn towards prescription fat burners or surgeries (which yield results but not suitable for the long term).

People performing these crazy or extreme fads/changes aren't the only way! I've owned a family ran gym for four years now and have been personal training for seven years. I've been blessed with the opportunity to help hundreds of people change their lives online and in person! There is a simple process you can implement for you and the whole family that is a simple lifestyle change. I call it the "Vegetable First" routine. We will get you back in your zebra bikini or speedo in no time!

Vegetables first! Just by the title alone, you can already conclude what one of the steps is for this process. There are four total steps to this simple lifestyle change that is easy & cost-effective to implement to better the health of you and the whole family. Here they are, we will get into more detail afterward.... 1. Make exercise 1% of your day. 2. Eat more earlier. 3. Buy Smaller plates 4.Eat Vegetables first.

Make exercise less than 1% of your day! According to a Mayo Clinic, a lot of other doctors as well, you should exercise for 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity a week. To most clients, we recommend three sessions a week for 30-45 minutes. Even if this is too much, you could break this up every day of the week into 10-15 minute increments. Let's do the math real quick. There are 10080 minutes in a week; we will go in the middle 90 minutes a week; this comes out to roughly .008% of your time during the week. Ninety minutes may seem minor, but I have seen people lose 90-100 pounds over the year with this amount of exercise.

Eat more early. The specialists are coming out with studies supporting every type of meal portion. Eat big meals, eat five small meals, fast for 16 hours, eat big dinners, or eat no carbs whenever someone eats a calorie regardless of the time(for the most part) its a calorie. Our bodies' insulin, glycogen, and hormones change/fluctuate during different times of the day. We will keep it simple, though, get the family together and eat a lumberjack breakfast. Getting most of the calories in during the morning will allow your body to use them throughout the day. Just try to make a smaller portion for the family dinner. Which we are about to address an easy fix for portions

Buy smaller plates. That's right; smaller plates mean less food. Especially if you have the mentality that people taught growing up, clean your plate! A report by Koert Van Ittersum & Brian Wansink in the Journal of Consumer Research found that plate size in America had grown 23 percent from 1900 - 2012. By having larger plates, this would approximately add 50 calories per meal, coming to an increase of 5-10 pounds of weight over the year. Small plates are one small win that you can achieve for your family during meals. Now a plate full of Oreos is still a plate full of Oreos. A 9" Diameter plate full of Oreos is a whole lot fewer calories than a 12" diameter plate full of Oreos.

Vegetables First! The last step: put the thigh smacking thigh master 1000 away and pile a good portion of vegetables on your plate FIRST before anything else. Then eat the Vegetables FIRST before anything else. Eating vegetables that are rich in vitamins & nutrients will help curb hunger. Vegetables first allow your body more time to realize your full before stuffing yourself and will provide a boost to your metabolism to aid in the digestion of food.

Following these necessary steps can provide you a smooth implementation for the whole family to have a healthy lifestyle. Remember to keep it simple, especially when first starting. Small wins lead to significant victories! For more help or info, contact Ian Lashley @ or 740-398-7410.

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